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Welcome to Menu to Shop !

I could have called this website "On a Silver Platter," because it is a gift I give to you. Everything is weighed, studied and organized in order to take the stress out of that precious moment that is mealtime. It is here for your enjoyment!

I could have also called it "Charlotte Forever," in reference to my friend "Charlotte from the North," who makes several trips a week to the supermarket to buy fresh food, but is always short on ideas of what to prepare, and as result, her meals tend to be the same old thing.

« Chaud devant ! » was another good idea for this website, an allusion to my brother: during family meals, he always stirs up a bit of tension by complaining about how the food should be arranged on the plate and how everything must be done just right and efficiently, in 4 seconds flat! And the parsley, don't dare forget the parsley!
It all started with one simple observation. We have all kinds of table accessorie at our disposal, we have access to a wide range of kitchen tools to make cooking easier, many of us have more modern kitchens with larger spaces in which to work, we have supermarkets that offer an ever-expanding spectrum of products and services, and we even have shelves overflowing with cookbooks. But despite all this, we often lack the most important ingredient that is required in cooking: time! It's difficult to lead a fulfilling professional life and enjoy healthy meals. Given our hectic work schedules and social demands, it's not always possible to provide our family a healthy meal at home. Often, we don't have the time or the desire to cook. And inspiration becomes increasingly difficult with our repetitive chores. What can be more repetitive than cooking?

It was in Montreal, right at the beginning of that stage in life when I became a devoted wife and loving mother. With all my new responsibilities, I suddenly realized I had to get organized, really organized. In the face of very long, rough winters, I was left with no choice but to learn how to hone my skills in making the perfect grocery list. I wanted to ensure that I had absolutely everything I needed ahead of time to prepare the week's meals with one single trip to the supermarket. It was at that moment, the Menu to Shop concept was born! IIt's also important to acknowledge the influence of two girlfriends of mine, "Edith from the Great White North" and "Annabelle from the Big Apple," whose practical sense of organization rubbed off on me over the years.

At Menu to Shop, you will find a catalogue of recipes, all of wich have been inspired in my day-to-day life. Ideas for smart, simple and generous meals for the whole family. Every single recipe has been tried, tested and tasted before being posted on this website. I'm convinced that the best dishes are made with the simplest of foods. No prior experience in cooking is necessary to follow my recipes. And one of my favorite thing is to explore uncharted waters and discover other types of cuisines, like Japanese food and vegan cooking in particular. There is something for everyone: the pleasure of cooking and the delight in eating.

This site, however, would not make sense without you! So, thank you for joining me on this culinary adventure, and bon appétit!