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Grocery list

Automatic grocery lists

Jump-start your week!
One grocery list in your pocket = only one visit to the supermarket!

Making a grocery list can be tiresome, especially when you have to remember all the various ingredients for several different recipes.


The grocery list is organized in a logical and efficient way, because we take into account the layout of most supermarkets, allowing you to avoid wasting time running back and forth among the big, cold grocery store aisles!
The list is very precise as well, because the day of the week is indicated next to each ingredient.


The grocery list can be viewed on your smartphone. You will never forget your grocery list again!


After checking the contents of your pantry and refrigerator (you can even take a photo!), click on the print icon to print out your list, which you can fold in 4 and put in your pocket.

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Tick the things you need to buy, and unselected the things you don't. You can also adjust the quantity according to what you already have, or add other ingredients.