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Menu to Shop skillfully organizes well-balanced menus for your week.

At Menu to Shop, we design well-balanced daily meals that are simple and quick to prepare, less than 35 minutes, cooking included!
5 meals all in one grocery bag!
Treat yourself each night of the week to gourmet ideas and take the stress out of the dinnertime!

Planning your meals

Cooking without the stress !

Save time and money with Menu to Shop. Avoid food waste because everything is planned in advance. With just one click, you will receive 5 original and easy recipes for your meals.

Grocery list

Finally a bit of help in the kitchen !

You will automatically receive the complete shopping list. The list is organized according to supermarket aisle and will be right at your fingertips. With this precious tool, shopping will become faster and easier!

How does it work?

Cooking becomes easy.

Each Friday, you will receive a new plan for 5 easy and well-balanced meals for the week ahead, including a dessert! Along with a grocery list for the 6 recipes with just one click!

My vision
Our website focuses on home-cooked meals (a bit of meat, seafood and a basket of vegetables) at affordable prices, while minimizing wasted food.
It is produced in the spirit of getting the most of our food: a long-established practice in Switzerland.
Equally important is buying seasonal fruits and vegetables, which lends a helping hand to local producers.
Buying local means buying fresh.


Check out the weekly videos.
Discover the 3 demos of the week: appetizers, sweets and weekends, which proposes a simple comfort food that you can share with your friends. Every Saturday, you will receive a link to the tutorial of the weekend, and the grocery list, too! Sign up today!

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